We deliver and distribute newspapers and magazines in Asia from the following countries.

Item No. Australia Frequency
AU001 Austalian Financial Review Mon-Sat
AU001 Australian Financial Review - Sat (3 months) Sat
AU004 The Australian Mon-Sat
AU004 The Australian - Sat (3 months) Sat
AU007 The Sydney Morning Herald Mon-Sat
AU007 The Sydney Morning Herald - Sat (3 months) Sat
AU024 澳洲日報 Daily
Item No. Canada Frequency
CA001 The Globe and Mail Mon-Fri
Item No. China Frequency
PC002 人民日報(海外版) People's Daily 日報
PC003 羊城晚報 Yang Cheng Wan Bao 日報
PC005 金融時報 Financial Times 日報
PC006 深圳特區報 Shenzhen Special Zone Daily 日報
PC007 文匯報 Wen Hui Pao 日報
PC008 解放日報 日報
PC009 南方日報 Nan Fang Daily 日報
PC010 光明日報 Guangming Daily 日報
PC011 上海証券報 Shanghai Securities News 日報
PC012 中國証券報 China Securities News 每周六期
PC013 廣州日報 Guangzhou Daily 日報
PC014 法制日報 Legal Daily 日報
PC015 經濟日報 Economic Daily 日報
PC017 經濟參考報 每周六期
PC018 北京周報 周刊
PC019 人民日報(國內版) People's Daily 日報
Item No. France Frequency
FR001 Le Figaro Mon-Sat
FR002 Le Figaro Mon-Sat
Item No. Germany Frequency
WG001 Die Welt Mon-Sat
WG003 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Mon-Sat
WG004 Welt Am Sonntag (3 months) Sun
WG005 Suddeutscher Zeitung Mon-Sat
WG008 Neue Zurcher Zeitung Mon-Sat
WG013 Die Zeit Fri
Item No. Hong Kong Frequency
HK002 South China Morning Post Mon-Sat
HK002 South China Morning Post Sun
HK005 成報 Daily
HK007 新報 Daily
HK009 香港經濟日報 Daily
HK024 蘋果日報 Daily
HK025 東方日報 Daily
HK030 明報 Daily
HK031 文匯報 Daily
HK032 商報 Daily
HK033 太陽報 Daily
HK037 星島日報 Daily
HK042 大公報 Daily
Item No. India Frequency
ID001 Enconmic Times Daily
ID002 Times of India Daily
Item No. Indonesia Frequency
IN002 Indonesia Times Daily
IN003 Jakarta Post Mon-Sat
IN004 Kompas Daily
IN005 Merdeka Daily
IN007 Suara Karya Pelita Daily
IN008 印尼星州日報 Daily
IN009 Pelita Daily
IN013 Suara Pemban Daily
IN014 Bisnis Indonesia Daily
IN018 和平日報 Daily
IN019 印度尼西亞商報 Mon-Sat
IN026 千島好日報 Daily
IN027 Indo Post Daily
IN043 國際日報 Mon-Sat
IN049 Media Indonesia Daily
Item No. Italy Frequency
IT001 Corriere Della Sera Daily
Item No. Japan Frequency
JA012 Nikkie Weekly (6 months) Weekly-Sun
Item No. Korea Frequency
SK001 Korea Herald Mon-Sat
SK002 Korea Times Mon-Sat
SK003 韓國日報 Mon-Sat
SK004 朝鮮日報 Mon-Sat
SK005 東亞日報 Mon-Sat
SK006 中央日報 Mon-Sat
SK007 京鄉新聞 Mon-Sat
SK008 每日經濟新聞 Mon-Sat
SK009 韓國經濟新聞 Mon-Sat
SK010 女性中央 Monthly
SK011 週刊朝鮮 Weekly Chosun Weekly
SK012 月刊朝鮮 Monthly
SK013 女性朝鮮 Monthly
SK014 新東亞 Shindong Ah Monthly
SK015 女性東亞 Woman Dong Ah Monthly
SK020 Weekly News Magazines Weekly
SK021 Gagu Guide Monthly
SK026 週刊每經 Mae Kyung Weekly
SK027 北韓月刊 North Korea Monthly
SK028 經濟人周刊 Economist Weekly
SK031 Hangere 21 Weekly
SK032 Living Sense Monthly
SK033 Golf Digest (Sk) Monthly
SK034 Woman Sense Monthly
SK035 Ceci (Sk) Monthly
SK036 Queen Monthly
SK038 Kiki Monthly
SK039 Eva Monthly
SK040 Win Monthly
SK043 主婦生活 Jubu Sengwhal Monthly
SK044 Labelle Monthly
SK045 Neonet Monthly
SK047 Maxim Monthly
SK049 Anan Monthly
SK051 Madame Figaro Monthly
SK052 Cindy The Perky Monthly
SK054 Collection Monthly
SK055 Allure Monthly
SK056 Newsweek Weekly
SK057 Sure Monthly
SK058 Ecole Monthly
SK059 讀者文摘 Monthly
SK060 流行通訊 Monthly
SK061 Screen Monthly
SK062 東亞周刊 Weekly
SK063 Hankyung Business Weekly
SK064 Kino Monthly
SK066 Cine 21 Weekly
SK068 京鄉 Ladies Monthly
SK069 Health Digest Monthly
SK073 Best Baby Monthly
SK074 Semteo Monthly
SK075 Bazaar Monthly
SK077 Cosmopolitan Monthly
SK078 Cosmo Girl Monthly
SK079 Elle Monthly
SK080 Elle Girl Monthly
SK083 GQ Monthly
SK084 Haute Monthly
SK085 In Style Monthly
SK089 Marie Claire Monthly
SK090 Neighbor Monthly
SK091 Nobeless Monthly
SK092 Seventeen Monthly
SK094 Vogue Monthly
SK095 Vogue Girl Monthly
SK096 Tatler Monthly
SK097 Figaro Girl Monthly
SK098 With Monthly
SK099 Fi The Style Monthly
SK100 Enfant Monthly
SK101 Business Journal Monthly
SK102 科學月刊 Monthly
SK103 現代文學 Monthly
SK104 韓國周刊 Weekly
SK105 The Economic Talking Monthly
SK106 Luxury Monthly
Item No. Macau Frequency
MU001 澳門日報 Daily
MU002 華僑日報 Daily
Item No. Malaysia Frequency
MA001 Berita Harian Daily
MA003 Malay Mail Daily
MA005 New Straits Times Daily
MA006 The Star Daily
MA007 Utusan Malaysia Daily
MA008 南洋商報 Daily
MA009 中國報 Daily
MA013 詩華日報 Daily
MA015 星洲日報 Daily
MA017 The Edge (3 months) Daily
MA025 光明日報 Daily
Item No. Macau Frequency
MU001 澳門日報 Daily
MU002 華僑日報 Daily
Item No. Philippines Frequency
PH002 Business World Mon-Fri
PH003 Inquirer Daily
PH004 Manila Bulletin Daily
PH008 Philippiness Star Daily
PH009 聯合日報 Daily
PH010 世界日報 Daily
PH011 菲華日報 Daily
PH012 商報 Daily
Item No. Singapore Frequency
SI001 Business Times Mon-Fri
SI002 The Straits Times (with classified) Daily
SI002 The Straits Time-Sat Issue (6 months) Sat
SI003 聯合早報 Daily
SI004 聯合晚報 Daily
SI005 新明日報 Daily
SI024 The Straits Times (without classified) Daily
SI029 The New Paper Daily
Item No. Spain Frequency
SP001 El Pais Daily
SP002 El Pais Sunday (3 months) Sun
Item No. Taiwan Frequency
RC001 Taiwan News Daily
RC002 China Post Daily
RC004 經濟日報 Daily
RC005 更生日報 Daily
RC006 聯合報 Daily
RC007 工商時報 Daily
RC008 台灣新生報 Daily
RC013 民眾日報 Daily
RC014 自由時報 Daily
RC015 聯合晚報 Daily
RC016 中國時報 Daily
RC017 台灣時報 Daily
RC021 世界論壇報 Daily
RC028 Tapei Times Daily
RC045 聯合報 - 海外版 Daily
RC089 電子時報 Mon-Fri
RC094 蘋果日報 Daily
RC103 金門日報 Daily
RC281 旺報 Daily
  人間褔報 Daily
Item No. Thailand Frequency
TH001 Bangkok Post Daily
TH002 Daily News (Thai) Daily
TH003 Siam Rath News (Thai) Daily
TH004 Thai-Rath News (Thai) Daily
TH005 The Nation Daily
TH006 星暹日報 Daily
TH007 新中原日報 Daily
TH008 中華日報 Daily
TH009 世界日報 Daily
TH010 京華中原日報 Daily
TH032 Matichon News Daily
TH037 Neal Na Daily
TH044 亞洲日報 Daily
TH055 Kom Chud Luk (Thai) Daily
TH070 Post Today Daily
Item No. United Kingdom Frequency
UK002 Daily Mail Mon-Sat
UK003 Daily Telegraph Mon-Sat
UK004 Financial Times (Asia Edition) Mon-Sat
UK006 Sunday Telegraph (3 months) Sun
UK008 The Guardian Mon-Sat
UK009 The Independent Mon-Sat
UK010 Sunday Observer (3 months) Sun
UK011 The Sunday Times (3 months) Sun
UK012 The Times Mon-Sat
UK013 Financial Times (UK Edition) Mon-Sat
UK016 The Sun Mon-Sat
UK017 Daily Mirror Mon-Sat
UK019 Sunday Independent (3 months) Sun
UK023 Gurdian Weekly (3 months) Sun
UK029 Racing Post Fri
UK032 Wall Street Journal Europe Mon-Fri
UK038 Weekly Telegraph (3 months) Weekly
UKM12 GQ Monthly
UKM20 Marie Claire Monthly
UKM35 Vogue Monthly
Item No. U.S.A. Frequency
US001 Barron's (3 months) Weekly
US003 Los Angeles Times Mon-Sat
US004 Sunday Los Angeles Times (3 months) Sun
UK003 New York Times Mon-Sat
US006 Sunday New York Times (3 months) Sun
US007 The Wall Street Journal Mon-Fri
US009 Washington Post Mon-Sat
US094 Investor's Business Daily Mon-Fri
US102 Washington Post Sunday (3 months) Sun
UM013 Car & Driver Monthly
UM019 Cosmopolitan Monthly
UM029 Elle Monthly
UM032 Esquire Monthly
UM034 Fast Company Bi-Monthly
UM051 Harvard Business Review Monthly
UM059 Ladies Home Journal Monthly
UM061 Macworld Monthly
UM064 Marie Claire Monthly
UM066 Martha Stewart Living Monthly
UM073 Money Monthly
UMB019 Forbes Bi-Weekly
UMB020 Fortune Bi-Weekly
UMB041 Rolling Stone Bi-Weekly
UMW005 Entertainment Weekly Weekly
UMW009 National Enquirer Weekly
UMW012 New Yorker Weekly
UMW015 People Weekly
UMW022 Sport Illustrated Weekly
Item No. Vietnam Frequency
VT001 Vietnam Investment Review (1 year) Weekly
VT003 Vietnam News Daily (1 year) Mon-Sat
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