Business Scopes

SAP South Asia Publications Limited has five major business scopes, namely distribution & delivery, subscription & customer service, printing & publishing, Marketing and mailroom & letter-shopping solution. We aim to provide an one-stop professional services for clients in order to fulfill their specific needs, delivering client’s publications to specified locations or subscribers promptly and efficiently.

In addition, we help our clients to develop and expand their subscription markets in Hong Kong or other cities in Asia.


Delivering print media to subscribers on behalf of local and international publishers, with complete service support.


Delivery fleet

The professional delivery fleet comprises more than 200 staff and 40 vehicles, enabling 90% coverage of residential and commercial districts in Hong Kong.

Distribution network

Delivering print publications promptly and effectively to target customers or specific locations through our extensive distribution network, including newsstands, private clubs, clinics, boutiques, chain stores, public libraries, educational institutes, convenience stores, salons, beauty and fitness centers etc.


Logistics services

Acting as local clearing agent for air and sea shipment and providing warehousing and delivery services to specified locations.

Newspapers and Magazines
  • Acting as subscription and sales agent for 100+ local and international newspapers and magazines.
  • Help customers in HK and other Asian cities subscribe overseas newspapers and magazines worldwide with delivery service.
  • Professional executives to answer enquiries or inquiries and provide customer support to customers.


Printing and Distribution

  • Licensed printing in Hong Kong for overseas publications and distribution locally and to other Asian cities.
  • Helping overseas publishers print newspaper and magazines in HK to save shipment and delivery costs.

Royalty Business Partnership

Royalty Business Partnership (RBP) is a new business model with Publisher and SAP.

  • To promote subscriptions to potential customer segments.
  • Provide promotional campaign distribution, such as hotels/ airport delivery, event distribution, residential building bulk drop, street sampling promotion, etc.
  • Provide subscription promotions or discount offers regularly to attract new customers.


  • Providing comprehensive one-stop letter-shopping services, including address label printing, insertions, labeling and posting.